SALES101: Marketing Fundamentals

Unit 5: Customer Relationship Management   Identifying who a company’s potential customers might be and how a company maintains its relationships with these customers are two very different processes. In Unit 2 of this course you explored the use of research to identify all the possible customer groups that might be interested in a company or organization’s offerings, as well as typical customer buying behaviors. In Unit 3 of this course you explored the communication tactics that companies and organizations use to introduce their offerings to the potential customer groups they have identified (also known as target markets).
Assume that a company has been successful in its endeavors to identify customers who will buy its offerings, and that the company has effectively communicated with these customers to the point at which the customers have purchased products and/or services from the company. While this development may sound like a success unto itself, the company must continue its efforts to satisfy these customers so that they continue to buy the company’s offerings. To improve the likelihood of repeated transactions with its customers, a company must continue to develop and manage these relationships.
In this unit of the course, you will explore the importance of the ongoing relationships that companies create with their customers and the tactics that companies use to maintain and develop these relationships.

Unit 5 Time Advisory
Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

☐    Subunit 5.1: 2 hours

☐    Subunit 5.2: 2 hours

Unit5 Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:
- explain the importance of customer value and customer satisfaction in a successful marketing campaign;
  - explain the role of research in maintaining loyal customer relationships;
  - define the concept of customer empowerment;
  - define the concept of customer loyalty; and
  - define customer satisfaction and provide examples of customer satisfaction.

5.1 Customer Relationships   - Reading: Principles of Marketing: “Chapter 14: Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Empowerment” Link: Principles of Marketing“Chapter 14: Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Empowerment” (PDF)
Instructions: Read this chapter, which discusses the importance of the customer-relationship maintenance process and the concepts of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer empowerment, as well as legal and ethical concerns regarding the relationship between a company and its customers. Be sure to take notes as you read and respond to the discussion questions (but not the activities) provided at the end of this chapter.

 Reading this chapter, taking notes, and responding to the
discussion questions should take approximately 2 hours.  

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5.2 Marketing Discussion Forum Activity   - Activity: Unit 5 Discussion Forum Link: Unit 5 Discussion Forum (HTML)
Instructions: Click on the link above to access the online discussion forum for this course. Then, click on the discussion thread link for Unit 5 and post your responses to the questions provided. Feel free to start your own discussion thread, and/or respond to any threads started by other students.
Spend approximately 2 hours posting and participating in the discussion forum.

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