PSYCH202B: Research Methods Lab

Unit 5: Activity: Sample Experimental paper   In this unit, you will practice writing a research paper.  Although your paper will not reflect any actual data and will lack the depth of traditional research paper, this activity will require you to synthesize what you have learned in the previous units by asking you to demonstrate how you would design and carry out a working experiment.   You should identify and explain the reasoning behind your choices, methods, and measurement techniques.  The inclusion of statistical knowledge is desirable but not necessary.  The goal of this exercise is to illustrate that practical applications can diverge from strict theory.

5.1 Sample Paper   - Reading: University of Washington: Psychology Writing Center’s version of Daryl J. Bem’s “Writing the Empirical Journal Article” Link: University of Washington: Psychology Writing Center’s version of Daryl J. Bem’s "Writing the Empirical Journal Article" (PDF)

 Instructions: Clicking on the above link will bring you to the
University of Washington’s Psychology Writing Center.  Scroll down
to the list of writing guides and, under the section “Scientific
Writing & APA Format,” click on “Bem: Writing the Empirical Journal
Article.”  This article provides instructions for and tips on
writing the various sections of a research paper.  Please read the
article thoroughly and refer to it frequently as you write your
sample paper.  This reading applies to subunits 5.1.1-5.1.4.  

 Terms of Use: The material above has been reposted with permission
for educational, noncommercial use by The University of Washington.
 It can be viewed in its original form

5.1.1 Introduction: Literature Review and Research Question   5.1.2 Methods and Measurement   - Reading: American Psychological Association: Leland Wilkinson and the Task Force on Statistical Inference’s “Follow-up Report - Task Force on Statistical Inference: Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals: Guidelines and Explanations” The Saylor Foundation does not yet have materials for this portion of the course. If you are interested in contributing your content to fill this gap or aware of a resource that could be used here, please submit it here.

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5.1.3 Statistics and "Results" (Optional)   5.1.4 Conclusions: Explain the Choices for the Above Decisions