CS405: Artificial Intelligence

Course Syllabus for "CS405: Artificial Intelligence"

CS405 introduces the field of artificial intelligence (AI).  Materials on AI programming, logic, search, game playing, machine learning, natural language understanding, and robotics introduce the student to AI methods, tools, and techniques, their application to computational problems, and their contribution to understanding intelligence.  Because each of these topics could be a course unto itself, the material is introductory and not complete.  Each unit presents the problem a topic addresses, current progress, and approaches to the problem.  The readings include and cite more materials that are referenced in this course, and students are encouraged to use these resources to pursue topics of interest after this course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the major applications, topics, and research areas of artificial intelligence (AI), including search, machine learning, knowledge representation and inference, natural language processing, vision, and robotics.
  • Apply basic techniques of AI in computational solutions to problems.
  • Discuss the role of AI research areas in growing the understanding of human intelligence.
  • Identify the boundaries of the capabilities of current AI systems.

Course Requirements

In order to take this course, you must:

√    Have access to a computer.

√    Have continuous broadband Internet access.

√    Have the ability/permission to install plug-ins or software (e.g., Adobe Reader or Flash).

√    Have the ability to download and save files and documents to a computer.

√    Have the ability to open Microsoft files and documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls, etc.).

√    Have competency in the English language.

√    Have read the Saylor Student Handbook.

√    Have a basic mastery of the material in CS202 Discrete Structures.

√    Have a basic mastery of calculus from MA101.

Course Information

Welcome to CS405.  Below, please find some general information on the course and its requirements.

Course Designer: JM Perry 

Primary Resources:

Requirements for Completion: Passing grade on quizzes and the final exam, achieve the objectives of each unit and the goals of the course, ability to apply the concepts taught in the course.

Time Requirements: This course should take approximately 120 hours to complete.

Tips/Suggestions: AI utilizes many disciplines, including mathematics, logic, programming, psychology, neural biology, linguistics, engineering, and even philosophy, as well as contributing its own concepts and techniques, for building hardware and software systems that perform intelligent tasks and activities.  This suggests that AI be viewed as a discipline for integrating and applying knowledge from many fields to discover computational solutions to problems, tasks, and behaviors, which currently requires human capabilities.