CHEM102: General Chemistry II

Course Syllabus for "CHEM102: General Chemistry II"

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In this second semester course, we will cover a wide-ranging field of topics, learning everything from the equation that made Einstein famous to why you can’t replace a dead car battery with a household battery. In General Chemistry I (CHEM101), we studied the basic tools you need to explore different fields in chemistry, such as stoichiometry and thermodynamics.  This second-semester course will cover several of the tools needed to study chemistry at a more advanced level.  We will identify the factors that affect the speed of a reaction, learn how an atom bomb works on a chemical level, and discover how chemistry powers a light bulb.  Topics in advanced organic and inorganic chemistry courses will build upon what you learn in this class.  We will end with discussion of organic chemistry, a topic that is as important to biology as it is to chemistry.

Course Requirements

In order to take this course you must:

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√    Be competent in the English language.

√    Have read the Saylor Student Handbook.

Course Information

Welcome to CHEM102: General Chemistry II. General information about this course and its requirements can be found below.
Course Designer: Dr. Rachel Lerebours
Primary Resources: This course comprises a range of different free, online materials. However, the course makes primary use of the following:

Requirements for Completion: In order to complete this course, you will need to work through each unit and all of its assigned material. All units build on previous units, so it will be important to progress through the course in the order presented.
Note that you will only receive an official grade on your Final Exam. However, in order to adequately prepare for this exam, you will need to work through the assessments in this course. 

Table of Contents: You can find the course's units at the links below.