BIO304L: Human Physiology Lab

Unit 8: Blood Type Analysis   This section reviews the four blood types—A, B, O, and AB—and blood type analysis, the procedure that analyzes blood to determine blood type.  

Unit 8 Time Advisory
This unit will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

  • Web Media: amritavlab: “Blood Grouping Experiment” Link: amritavlab: “Blood Grouping Experiment” (YouTube)
    Instructions: Please watch this short video (about 2.5 minutes) to learn about the different blood types and blood type analysis. 
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  • Activity: Evergreen State College: “Blood Type and Blood Stain Analysis” and myaandp.com: “Blood Typing” The Saylor Foundation does not yet have materials for this portion of the course. If you are interested in contributing your content to fill this gap or aware of a resource that could be used here, please submit it here.

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