BIO304L: Human Physiology Lab

Unit 7: Blood Pressure and Heart Rate   This lab introduces blood pressure and blood pressure measurement.  You will learn how to measure heart rate, and you will practice the procedure yourself.  

Unit 7 Time Advisory
This unit will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

  • Web Media: YouTube: genedinc: “Blood Pressure Measurement,” “Expertvillage: How to Take Blood Pressure,” and BeYourTrainer: “Measurement, Heart Rate (Pulse)” Link: YouTube: genedinc: “Blood Pressure Measurement,” (YouTube) Expertvillage: “How to Take Blood Pressure” (YouTube) and BeYourTrainer: “Measurement, Heart Rate (Pulse)” (YouTube)
    Instructions: Please watch these videos (about 3 minutes altogether) to learn how to measure blood pressure and heart rate.  While watching the videos, please make sure that you practice the procedure by measuring your own heart rate both while resting and after exercising.  If you can locate a sphygmomanometer, please practice measuring blood pressure on another person both while he or she rests and immediately after he or she exercises. 
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